Building a brand

I like to begin every problem with an open mind, curious spirit and without preconceived ideas. Lets kick this off with some questions.

Please complete the following info below.

Tell us more about your business

What is the name of your brand?

Do you already have a name for your brand or would you like our help to find one?

Is there a deeper meaning behind that name? Background story?

Do you have a slogan / usp / tagline?

What are products / services do you provide?

What are the basics of your business?

Are there any points of innovation connected to your business?

Have you identified any problems or weaknesses with your business?

Is there a specific deadline for this work. Or any milestones we need to bare in mind?

Who, What, Why & How.

Positioning statement

Who do you serve / who will you serve?

Describe the communities, organisations and tribes you serve. Pick the top 3. Then narrow it down to the one that resonates the most with you.

What do you do / going to do?

Describe what you do to help others. Pick the top 3.

Why you do / what to do this?

Describe the emotional, intangible benefits you create for others. Pick the top 3.

How do you do it / how will you do this?

Describe in tangible terms how you are able to help others. Pick top 3

Now, put it all together. (positioning statement)





Write that down here

Brand Keywords

Write down as many brand keywords (adjectives) as you can that you identify the brand with. You can pretend that your brand is a person to describe. You should come up with at least 20 of them. It might be a good idea to use a thesaurus to find some good words or variations. Here is a link for help

Anything you would like to add?

Now, please narrow your favorites down (max 10)

What do people say?

What do you think people say about your brand/business today?

So, does that match up to your vision of your brand?

Brand Vision

What are your brand goals?

Tell us about your brand goals. What are the short term goals for your brand. What are your long term goals?

Market & Competition

Who are you competing against?

Are there others out there on the market that you have to compete against? Are they successful? If yes what are they doing right, what are their strengths. Is there anything they have that you do not have.

Who are your brand role models. Who do you look up to?

What differentiates them from your brand.

Target audience

Tell us more about your typical target audience today

Whats your typical client/customer. Are you working B2B, B2C, B2B2C, Whats is their average age, gender, economic conditions etc.

Are you happy with that target audience or are you looking to expand it?

Outcome & Expectations

What are your expectations of this brand work?


What is your economic situation today? Revenue today. Profits. Your expected revenue in 1-3 years. Profits?

Branding v.s Marketing?

What is the difference?

If you say: "I am a good lover!". That is Marketing
If someone come up to you and say: " I hear you are a great lover!". That is Branding

What is your yearly brand development budget now?

Your planned brand budget for next year?

A good benchmark is to spend no more than 5-15% of your budget on branding if you are a start-up company. If your company is up and running you should look to set anywhere from 2-4% of annual revenue for branding.

What is your current marketing budget?

For B2B firms, marketing budgets as a % of firm revenue fell within the 6-8% range. For B2C firms, marketing budgets as a % of firm revenue were around 8-14%. Marketing budgets as a % of overall firm budgets have been fairly consistent for B2B firms the past few years, in the 9-11% range, but average much higher for B2C companies, up to as much as 20%.

What is the marketing budget for next year?

Do you have any questions?

Is there anything you would like to add, or inform us about?

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